HARP refinance no appraisal

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Refinance under the HARP program without an appraisal.

By now, most homeowners have heard of the HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program).  In short, it allows homeowners who have a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan to refinance their mortgage without equity.  We are helping homeowners who have mortgages that far exceed the value of their home.   This is one of the greatest programs we have ever seen!  It’s so rewarding to help so many homeowners lower their mortgage payment by sometimes over $700 per month!


And the vast majority of those eligible for the program will not need to spend the money on an appraisal because it’s rarely required.  Some homeowners have asked, “How will I know if I need an appraisal?”  If it’s a Fannie Mae loan, we have to run the loan application through the “automated underwriting system” to know.   If it’s a Freddie Mac loan, the system will either tell us “pass” or “fail”.

We are also one of the few lenders that will refinance the mortgage to an unlimited “loan-t0-value”, or LTV ratio.  Many other lenders limit their LTV.  These additonal limitations are knows as overlays.  If you’re looking to do a HARP, you want to find a lender that does not have overlays.

Special Offer: For a limited time, I am giving a promotional offer to prospective homeowners looking to refinance their mortgage.  If you allow me to provide you a full quote to refinance your mortgage, I will give you a $15 gas card for free.  I will also pay for your credit report ($25 value).  Simply mention promotional code: “Free Gas Card” when you call.  Again, there are no strings attached.  It’s a $40 value absolutely free.  (You are not obligated to refinance with me to receive the $15 Gas Card; limit 1 per household).

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